CNG Only 99 Cents at NGV Solutions on April 22

NGV Solutions will sell compressed natural gas for only 99 cents per gge on Wednesday, April 22, to mark the 45th anniversary of Earth Day!

"We want to draw attention to the abundance of natural gas reserves available in the United States and the emerging marketplace for consumers to drive environmentally friendly vehicles powered by CNG fuel," said Kent Meadows, vice president of NGV Solutions.

Natural gas-fueled vehicles can fill their tanks for the equivalent of 99 cents per gasoline gallon at NGV Solutions' facility at 5495 Lakeland Drive in Flowood, Mississippi, throughout the day on April 22.

Natural gas is a clean alternative fuel that is both less expensive and more environmentally friendly than diesel or gasoline, plus exhaust emissions from NGVs are much lower than those from gasoline and diesel vehicles. In gasoline vehicles, evaporative and fueling emissions account for a large portion of the emissions associated with operation. NGVs, on the other hand, produce little or no evaporative emissions during fueling.

"We're seeing a lot of activity from city and county governments about adding CNG fueling stations and vehicles to their fleets as they're concerned about improving local air quality, combatting climate change and saving on fuel costs," said Meadows.

More than one billion people in 192 countries will participate in Earth Day activities and events. Learn more at

In addition to its public access CNG fueling station in Flowood, NGV Solutions also provides CNG fueling system sales, leasing, and consulting to businesses and local governments, and is certified to perform natural gas vehicle conversions.



Is Mississippi Reaping Economic Impact of NGVs and CNG?

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Institute for Economic Development recently released a study showing that in 2014, Texas grants to support natural gas programs generated $128 million in economic impact, $79.1 million in gross state product and supported 927 full-time jobs. These grants, which cost $53 million, generated that impact by supporting the construction of new natural gas fueling stations and the adoption of natural gas vehicles.

UTSA economists predict that by 2018, the impact of these Texas grant programs will skyrocket, generating $484 million in total economic impact, $302 million in gross state product, and 3,076 full-time jobs.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas Energy Office recently announced it is reopening a gaseous fuels rebate program with more than $1.3 million in rebates. Its objectives are to develop the state’s refueling infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles; provide incentives to purchase alternative fuel vehicles or convert vehicles; reduce motor vehicle emissions; and improve the state’s air quality.

A 2012 study by Mississippi’s State Economist concluded that the adoption of NGV friendly laws would actually result in increased state tax revenues to our state.

Rich Kolodziej, former president of NGV America, said that states whose energy plans have a three-pronged approach have seen faster growth in the number of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling infrastructure. “NGV market penetration increases when states provide financial and regulatory incentives and act as a market participant. Incentives range from grant programs, to supporting the gallon gas equivalent standard of measurement, to giving priority to NGV purchases on state contracts.”

Ultimately, as the transition to NGVs expands, consumers will benefit.


Oil Price Volatility/Continuing Case for Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel

Click here to download the Price Outlook for NG Petroleum (PDF)



Gas Prices Are Like Pong

Do you remember the Atari game Pong? Decades ago it was a hit video game that simulated table tennis – a “ball” went up and down and players used controllers to try and hit it back across the court. It sounds simple, but the ball moved quickly, so it was harder than it looked to keep the ball in play.

Gas prices today are like Pong, – up and down and up and down – making it difficult for entities with transportation costs to keep their budgets in line. A recent report from predicts that nationwide, gas prices will average $2.64 per gallon this year. They’ve increased almost 16 cents a gallon in the last month. Given that prices have decreased more than a dollar a gallon from the 2014 average, consumers aren’t complaining – yet – but should be wary, given that gas price spikes never seem to come down nearly as fast as they shoot up.

Rather than subject your business or government organization to the volatility of gas prices, share your transportation cost data with NGV Solutions. We’ll prepare a detailed study that compares costs should you convert your gasoline-powered vehicles to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

Over the last several years CNG prices have remained stable – generally at less than $2 a gallon. If you have vehicles logging more than 20,000 miles a year, converting to a dual fuel vehicle that also runs on CNG translates into significant savings to a company’s bottom line.

Just as Pong went from heightened popularity to obscurity due to advances in video game technology, so should consumers’ reliance on gasoline and diesel fuel with advances in alternative fuel technology, namely CNG.

Interested in learning more about natural gas vehicles and CNG fueling options? Contact Kent Meadows at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



CNG Still Cheaper Even As Gas Prices Drop

While gasoline prices have dropped to their lowest price in nearly four years, the cost for compressed natural gas (CNG) has remained stable and is still way below gasoline.

The average price of U.S. retail gasoline dropped 20 cents in the past two weeks to the lowest level in nearly four years, driven by a steep drop in oil prices. The average price for gallon for regular grade gasoline nationally is $3.02. In Mississippi the average price is $2.79 per gallon. That’s the lowest price since Dec. 2010.

However, the price for CNG at NGV Solutions on Lakeland Drive is $1.99/gge. It has been the same price for the last three years.

“Our customers can expect stability as a result of an abundant domestic supply of natural gas,” said Kent Meadows, vice president of NGV Solutions. “We’re less impacted by global pressures.”

The fall in the price of gasoline mirrors a drop in crude oil prices that have been pressured by ample global supplies and weak demand over the past four months. Crude oil prices are expected to rebound in the coming weeks.

The gasoline price is down from a 2014 peak of $3.72 high in May and is 29 cents lower than the same period a year ago. The highest price in the country was recorded in San Francisco at $3.45 per gallon, with the lowest price in Memphis at $2.73.



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