Teamwork Turns Natural Gas into Vehicle Fuel Source


Founded in 2011, NGV Solutions in Flowood, Mississippi, has been dedicated to raising awareness throughout the state of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a viable vehicle fuel source. The company is a provider of both the fuel itself as well as vehicle conversions to CNG compatibility. However, “compressed” being a decidedly operative word in CNG, NGV Solutions needed help to make their services a reality. For that, they turned to another company owned and operated in Mississippi—Smith Compression & Fabrication (SCF) in Hamilton.

Founded in 2003, SCF has become an authority on compressors for a wide variety of applications. The company’s owners boast nearly 75 years of combined experience building and operating natural gas compressors, which have been installed everywhere from multiple locations in the U.S. and South America to Bangladesh. Working with NGV Solutions, they developed a 60 horsepower compressor that was perfect for the company’s needs. Its small footprint, just 39” x 108”, made it the perfect complement to NGV’s conversion process, offering customers both a quick and cost-effective conversion process. SCF manufactures the compressors exclusively for NGV, and is in a position to increase production as demand requires.

In fact, since contracting with NGV Solutions, they’ve already increased their workforce by 60% and added 8,000 square feet of production and test facilities to their operations. Yet another 7,000 square foot compressor assembly building is now under construction and projections indicate that SCF will need to add an additional 20 hires to their workforce within the next 12 to 18 months to satisfy production demands.

“SCF is proud to be working with NGV Solutions and other Mississippi companies to bring CNG to the state,” said Don Smith, President of Smith Compression & Fabrication. “We make every effort to purchase any component that we need to build CNG units from companies owned and operated in our state.”

“Compression is definitely an important part of the equation when it comes to gas fuels,” said Forrest Berry, President of NGV Solutions. “We were fortunate to partner with Smith Compression in the early stages of our company. We've worked long and hard to develop a relationship that’s both mutually beneficial, and beneficial to the state of Mississippi as well. Thanks to SCF, Mississippi is poised to take full advantage of the coming CNG revolution,” he said.


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