New Fast-Fill Station Now Open

Gov. estimates savings of "100 million in the first two years."

It’ll be a gas at the MML Conference!


Headed to Mississippi Municipal League’s 2014 annual conference June 23–25? Be sure and stop by NGV Solutions’ booth number 1024 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center.

We’ll be there to talk with municipal representatives about the costs savings associated with using compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel and converting vehicles to run on CNG, including:

CHEAPER - Fuel savings of 30%–50% (or better) with CNG over gasoline and diesel.

CLEANER - Cleaner burning fuel extends engine life and reduces tail pipe emissions.

FLEXIBLE - Engine can run on traditional fuel or CNG with a touch of a button.

Stop by MML booth #1024 and talk with us about joining the growing number of municipalities and companies converting their fleets to NGVs that run on CNG! We offer natural gas vehicle (NGV) conversions as well as CNG fueling equipment sales, leasing and consulting services.

Atmos Energy vehicles powered by clean natural gas



Atmos Energy delivers clean natural gas to more than 260,000 homes and businesses in Mississippi. Until this year, however, all of their vehicles ran on gasoline. That changed in June, with the delivery of seven Ford trucks that are being converted to dual fuel, so they can also run on natural gas.

Bob Kerley, Atmos Energy’s Vice President of Marketing for the Mississippi Division, said the corporation has long-term plans to convert much of its fleet as aging vehicles are replaced with new models, and the availability of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations increases.

“With the ready public access to NGV Solutions’ CNG fueling station in Flowood and the cost savings associated with vehicles powered by clean natural gas, it makes sense to install conversion packages on our trucks servicing the metro Jackson area,” said Kerley.

Kerley said it was also a no-brainer to have NGV Solutions perform the conversions. “NGV Solutions has been a leader in championing compressed natural gas as a fuel source, especially in Mississippi. Typically, all vehicle conversion package installations are performed at another facility out of state, but given NGV Solutions’ industry knowledge, we were able to utilize the technicians and services in Flowood to convert the seven new fleet vehicles.”

Atmos’ CNG vehicles are not only converted on the inside, but also on the outside. “It’s easy to spot one of our converted trucks,” said Kerley. “In addition to the Atmos Energy logo, each one also reads ‘Powered by Clean Natural Gas’ along the length of the truck bed. It’s a simple way to get the conversation started about the benefits of owning and operating a natural gas powered vehicle.”

NGV Solutions’ investment in CNG infrastructure also provides Atmos with a convenient location at which to refuel, with a public access CNG fueling station located at 5495 Lakeland Drive. “We’ve developed a mutually beneficial business relationship with Atmos Energy,” said Forest Berry, president of NGV Solutions. “And hopefully it’s one that will grow and prosper as natural gas powered vehicles become more prevalent.”

Blowout in California


It was a blowout reception – fueled by natural gas, of course - when NGV Solutions introduced its new G-FORCE Model 125 mid-level compressor system at the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) 2014 Expo in Long Beach, CA in May.

Story 3 photo 1

Rather than use a boring trade show booth, NGV Solutions used the G-FORCE Model 125 as its display, wrapping the compressor with its logo and advertising messages. Essentially, the compressor was an advertising billboard smack in the middle of the ACT Expo.

Story 3 photo 2Interest was high and booth traffic heavy, fueled by an article in the expo’s Show Times Daily.


A solution for CNG fueling systems’ high upfront costs -

NGV Solutions’ G-Force Model 125 Compressor



Many would-be compressed natural gas (CNG) station operators are deterred by the high upfront costs associated with CNG fueling systems. An affordable mid-sized natural gas compressor is what the market needed, so that’s what NGV Solutions developed - the G-FORCE Model 125 mid-level compressor system.

“Using the Model 125, operators can get into the CNG market with a minimal upfront investment that provides a path to future station expansion as their market grows,” said Forrest Berry, NGV Solutions CEO.

“Our G-FORCE Model 125 is an economical American made reciprocating compressor package delivering 60–78 gallon equivalents per hour,” said Berry. “With its relatively small footprint, high reliability and miserly energy consumption it fills a market need in a big way.”

The Model 125 was designed to service fast fill stations in emerging markets, small- to medium-sized time-fill fleets, forklift fleets and portable, temporary refueling sites. Its retail price is $179,999.

The heart of the unit is a reciprocating compressor like those used in oilfield applications due to their efficiency, durability and reliability. Its small 4 foot by 10 foot footprint will fit on a gas station island or in space-restricted area.

“This is a high efficiency compressor and only requires a 60 horse power motor to operate,” said Berry. “As a result, it has very low operating costs.”


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