Fueling Your Fleet for Less

While gasoline and diesel fuel prices have dropped recently, it remains a volatile market due to our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. It’s simply a matter of time before prices spike again. You may have considered switching your fleet to natural gas vehicles, but aren’t sure what your savings will be.

NGV Solutions is a one-stop resource for compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling system vehicle conversions, sales, service, leasing and consulting. One way we assist customers is to perform a free economic analysis when a client provides us with their fleet data.

The graphic that accompanies this article illustrates a breakdown of CNG savings achieved daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and for the life of a vehicle for public and private fueling. In this example, we based the data on a fleet of 15 gasoline-powered pick up trucks driven an average of 100 miles a day.


Generally, the cost to convert or purchase a natural gas vehicle (NGV) is returned through annual fleet fuel savings. Also, many states have incentive or rebate programs for alternative fuel vehicles.

In addition to fuel savings, NGVs also have cleaner tailpipe emissions and less maintenance requirements than those with diesel engines.

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