G-FORCE Model 125 Compressor

Our G-FORCE, Model 125, is an economical American made reciprocating compressor package delivering 1-1.3 GGE/minute (60-78 GGE/hr.). With its small footprint, high reliability and miserly energy consumption it is designed to serve the small to mid-sized fleet and the entry-level Starter Fast Fill Station.

The Model 125 Is Ideal For:

• Starter fast fill stations in emerging markets
• Small- to medium-sized time-fill fleets
• Forklift fleets
• Portable, temporary refueling sites

 30psi Inlet100 psi Inlet30psi Inlet100 psi Inlet

Features & Advantages

• American made to U.S. code standards.
• Uses a reciprocating compressor as found in oilfield applications for efficiency, durability and reliability.
• Its small 10’ x 4’ footprint will fit on a standard gas station island or in space-restricted areas.
• High Efficiency compressor only requires a 60 hp motor resulting in lower electrical operating costs.
• 5 Stage Compression allows wide inlet pressure applications with single unit.
• 5 Stage Cooling delivers near ambient temperature gas discharge.
• 20 – 100 inlet pressures are accepted.
• Less than 70 decibel operating with insulated enclosure and cooling vents directed upward for noise reduction.
• Non-lubed cylinders virtually eliminate oil in CNG transfer.
• Pre-lube pump ensures oil pressure in frame for wear reduction and long life.
• Oil heater allows compressor to operate in cold climates.
• Easy access for maintenance.


Control PanelIDEC Touchscreen PLC controlled
Charge Rate125 CFM – 60GGE/hr. @ 30 psi Inlet
162.5 CFM – 78GGE/hr. @ 100 psi Inlet
Gas Usage7,500 CFH @ 30 psi Inlet
9,750 CFH @ 100 psi Inlet
Max Discharge Pressure5,000 psig (350 BAR)
Power45 kw, 60 hp, 460V 3-phase
Min/Max Inlet Pressure20/100 psig
Compressor RPM1,775 RPM
Dimensions10 L x 4 W x 9 H (feet)
Dry Weight8,700 Pounds
Noise70 dB @ 1 meter distance
Number of Stages5 Stage Reciprocating
LubricantSynthetic oil
Filtration1 high pressure coalescing
1 low pressure finite
Gas Cooler5 Stage Industrial