Public Fueling

While there are about 1,500 CNG fueling locations in the U.S. (and the list is growing), about half are not open to the public. Others allow public refueling only after an account has been established (referred to as limited public access), or allow public fueling with convenient credit card and/or proprietary billing card access (referred to as full public access). Before you convert your vehicle to run on natural gas – or purchase a used CNG vehicle – be sure to investigate your fueling options.

To view information about CNG fueling station locations in the United States, follow these links:

Generally, CNG vehicles are best suited to applications where the vehicle remains in one area to allow for regular refueling at existing fueling sites. While fueling networks are developing in many markets, there are gaps between markets that may make long-distance travel more challenging.

Private Fueling

Private fueling is a great option for those without access to public CNG fueling or seeking the lowest CNG cost.  Private CNG often cost less than $1.00 per gge( gas gallon equivalent.) With a natural gas line at your home or place of business, Private Fueling is an option for you.

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